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Do you have an important business presentation in the next coming days? Whether you need it for an annual report or a business proposal these free Powerpoint templates will help you finish your project quickly!

Download the best free Powerpoint templates 2018 that will help you create an eye-catching presentation in minutes. Professional PPT Slides easy-to-edit ranging from minimal, creative, simple and modern presentation layouts.

Best Free Powerpoint Templates for 2018

1. Professional Business Free Powerpoint Presentation

If you need to refresh the Powerpoint theme of your company, this Business PPT template could be a great choice. It includes handmade infographics, vector icons, team slides, services and ppt backgrounds to create a beautiful presentation.

free business powerpoint template


slideforest presentations


2. Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template


3. Material Free Business Powerpoint Theme

Material is a multipurpose template that is easy to use and free just for you. Easy to use and with customer support there’s no need to worry about getting stuck. Start making your presentations now and impress your company with Material.

material free business ppt


4. Aurora Free Powerpoint Template

This cool PPT template offers 15 unique slides just for you. Aurora offers a sample of 15 unique slides in a cool blue color that’s eye-catching. Don’t miss out on this great presentation and download it today.

aurora free powerpoint template


5. Suprimo Free Business Powerpoint Template

Not all presentations have to be stressful and time-consuming. Suprimo is here to help you create a business presentation that’s easy to customize and edit. This cool template is professionally designed and doesn’t consume much of your time to create it.

suprimo powerpoint template


6. Business Proposal Free PowerPoint & Keynote Template

No one needs to worry about creating a powerful and impressive presentation. Business Proposal is a unique template available for Powerpoint or Keynote. It’s free to download and ready to be used by businesses all around.



7. Modern Report Free Business Powerpoint Template

This cool template is great for presenting business reports, with its modern look you can make your next presentation shine. With 19 unique slides, you can easily create presentations that will impress your audience.

ppt modern free businesss powerpoint template


8. Business Report Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Is your deadline to present your Business report soon but don’t know where to start? Well this free PPT template is here to help. With 15 unique slides, easy edit, and complete customizability you can get started making your next big presentation without wasting time.

business report free powerpoint


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9. Free Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation Template

Make your next presentation count with a free and easy to use PPT template. This presentation template has a modern and clean design, will look professional and focused and have your ideas stand out.

Free Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation Template


10. Legend Free Powerpoint Template

There’s no need to be worried about not being able to complete your next powerpoint presentation? This free PPT template is here for you. It’s 15 unique slides, easy to edit, customizability and fast customer support are all you need to complete your next presentation.

legend free business ppt theme


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11. Organic Powerpoint Template – Green PPT Theme

Don’t hesitate to download this next PPT template. With a calm and natural design, this template has a natural, organic and down to earth feel. With 20 unique customizable slides, world map and pricing tables you can present all your companies information fast and easy.

Organic free business powerpoint template


slideforest presentations


Premium Powerpoint Templates

We have gathered the Best Powerpoint templates of all times in this brilliant post to make your life easier and have the best tool for your next business presentation.

Powerpoint was one of those software applications that revolutionized the way we look at presentations today, and while many others have tried to surpass that success, it has not been successful, which is all the better for Powerpoint, because it means more people are dedicated their time to craft designs and templates specifically for one platform. While it’s hard to distinguish what makes the best Powerpoint templates so appealing, it’s fair to say that a lot of it comes down to the context for which the template is useful for.

With the following list of the Powerpoint Templates and Themes, we tried to cover the major areas in which Powerpoint is typically being used and also threw in a couple of bundle choices for those of you who might be doing school presentations, or regular presentations at your team meetings.

Motagua – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

With more than seven thousands sales, the Motagua template is not going to leave you disappointed in terms of versatility and flexibility for your presentation needs. Motagua business presentation template is for sale on one of best presentation websites Graphicriver.

Right out of the bat, you have access to a striking number of slides (40,000+) and more than 3,000 vector icons to add a truly unique touch to each of your slides. If you have been looking to impress your peers with a stellar presentation, this will be the template to go for. The inbuilt slides will cater to general business and marketing type of presentations but are certainly not limited to that niche alone.

If you have been planning a business strategy for some time now, you will find it effortless to put it into a visual perspective using many of the included slides for creating visual outlines of a business timeline.

best powerpoint templates


Marketofy – Ultimate PowerPoint Template

This Powerpoint theme is oriented around business and marketing slides, ideal for outlining your strategy, investment plans and branding opportunities in a visual format. It includes a variety of more than 30,000 slides in total, which are accompanied by 2,500 icons in vector format, ready to look cool and beautiful in your presentation.

Those with more concise requirements will be pleased to know that this template provides an inbuilt animation template, meaning that you can turn your presentations into a lively experience for everyone in the audience. With flow charts (which can be edited using Excel) you can present your company and/or business data in a way that’s easy to digest, even if the data is complex at a first glance.

creative powerpoint templates


Fox Minimal Powerpoint Template

Sometimes a clean and smooth presentation template design are all you need to traverse your ideas and research onto a presentation slide, and Fox does a great job at giving any Powerpoint user the opportunity to create modern minimalism style slides without sacrificing the essence of the presentation.

You can select from a number of infographics layouts, which can be used to create diagrams, flow charts, business models, silhouettes, and other informative data presentations where you’d need to crunch some numbers beforehand. If you have a business idea that you’d like to propose to investors, Fox could help you create an outline of your plan in a rather effortless manner.

fox minimal powerpoint template


Marketing Pitch Deck Professional Powerpoint Design Templates

The designer team over at SlideFusion certainly knows how to create a Powerpoint template that’s not only cool looking but highly functional for the specific needs for which the template was built for. In this case, the Marketing Pitch Deck is exactly that — a custom built template ideal for situations where you’d like to pitch an idea, whether to investors, or any potential business partners you have on your mind.

The overall theme design style is structured to be minimal, with a reasonable amount of white-space, but that gives in return a more concise overlook over the individual points you’re discussing in the slides.

marketing pitch deck powerpoint template


Startup Company Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

The startup industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, and every day enthusiastic developers and other business people are pushing their products out in the world, in hopes to make an improvement in people’s lives. If you are one of those people, you’ll love the Startup Company Pitch Deck template, because it gives you the space to talk about your idea in a way that captures attention, but still feels welcoming.

Individual slides will allow you to talk about your actual pitch, the timeline of your project, different market variations and their data, the business model you plan to use, and so much more.


startup powerpoint template



Eureka Modern and Minimal PowerPoint Template 2017

Jetfabrik is another astonishing group of designers who don’t hesitate to push the limits of Powerpoint templates, and Eureka stands out from the crowd with its colorful yet minimal design of slides. Existing customers have had nothing but great things to say and in particular highlight the flexibility of this template, in particular for specific projects where the arrangement of slides needs to be heavily customized.

The slide layouts are based on Master Slides, which will allow you to really dig deep into the way that you want your slides to look as the finished product. Lots of color themes to choose from, so you won’t be limited to White or Black colors only!

minimal powerpoint templates


Stampede – Ultimate Powerpoint Template

The really wonderful thing about Powerpoint is the ability to customize slides and create unique variations out of actual unique slides themselves, and whilst Stampede has 700+ unique slides, you can create an upwards of 250,000 slides in total. These are driven by a multi-purpose concept, so not only can you create interesting marketing powerpoint presentations, and your business profile — it will be a great fit for presentations in relation to health, technology, and similar industries.

Some of the custom slides include the ability to show data tables, your team members, worldwide maps, lots of diagrams, charts, eCommerce, SEO, and marketing data that will strengthen your presence on stage.




Best PowerPoint Templates From CreativeMarket

One of the advantages of getting a template bundle is that you won’t have to worry about getting any other templates for a very long time. This particular bundle from SlidePro covers any area imaginable, including templates that have been specifically built for marketing, branding, technology, creativity, general business endeavors, and so many more niches where you’d want to promote a message of what you have learned or understood over the years.

This particular bundle includes 10 great Powerpoint templates, each built with absolute precision and dedicated towards high design standards.



Professional Powerpoint Theme for Business Presentations

Got an important meeting coming up? Perhaps you’re about to step your feet on the stage for an event, in which you are going to need a presentation that will be able to sustain the quality of what you have to share. The Professional Template from SlidePro really covers those aspects of common things being discussed during business presentations.

With 60 unique slides, and more than a dozen of color schemes, not only your slides will look professional, they will have a touch of creative customization, which can go a long way towards making the slides feel alive.


professional powerpoint template


Social Media PRO – Powerpoint Template

Does your profession involve dealing with a lot of social media stuff? Surely you will have learned some invaluable lessons along the way, so to express that you don’t have to rely on business templates alone because Slidehack has built a specific Powerpoint theme that’s ideal for all situations where social media is the center of discussion.

Whether you want to talk about social media strategies or discuss your latest mobile application and why it’s going to turn things around, there’s not much that Social Media PRO cannot do when it comes to social topics and presentations.

social media powerpoint


Annual Report Professional Powerpoint Template

Your business, company or startup is bound to grow eventually, and annual reports help you cover the essentials of that particular growth period. With Annual Report, you won’t have to twist your head to find a way to present the growth over the annual period.

It’s a full-fledged template ideal for covering all aspects of your company’s profile, the people who are involved, and the specific growth that you have achieved using your own strategies and business planning. Great selection of custom colors that can be applied to all slides globally, or individually.

annual report powerpoint template



Corporate Powerpoint Designs

There is no shortage of successful corporate companies out there, and if yours is one of them, you are likely involved with industry events by sharing presentations that attract more attention to your products. If that is the case, the Corporate Overview template covers all aspects of business details and strategy. Create concise diagrams that show how you achieved a particular goal, and why it was important towards the success of your company.

Custom reports can be created using charts that further enhance the strong data behind your success. Overall, the template is aimed at corporations but provides enough creative touch with each of the slides that you could easily use it for presenting topics outside of corporate business, too.

corporate overview powerpoint



Marketer Pro Unique Powerpoint Template

Agencies and individuals specializing in marketing will love this template, Marketer Pro is built upon the foundation of animated slides, meaning you can make interactive slideshows that capture the attention of your audience effortlessly. These days, to capture high-quality leads and clients, one needs to go out of the way and impress those clients with impressive data reports and experience showcases, that reassure that you’re the right candidate for the job.

This template makes it easy for anyone to talk about their marketing experience through slides and templates that highlight your individual skills and achievements. Also, comes incorporated with a drag & drop interface, so stitching slides together will be quick and easy.


marketer pro powerpoint



Minimal PRO Cool Powerpoint Templates Bundle

If success is part of your goal, then don’t settle for anything that won’t bring you one step closer to it. Minimal PRO is a professional, yet creative and smooth, Powerpoint template that’s ideal in situations where you want to outline your own portfolio or the portfolio of a business that you own.

The perfect presentation will always focus on the actual content, rather that the visual patterns surrounding it, and with as pitch-perfect presentation template as this, you simply can’t go wrong. The layouts of Minimal PRO have been proven to have a high engagement rate through real world trial and errors. Who said minimal can’t be cool?


minimal powerpoint templates


Business Plan Powerpoint Template

Business Plan is a visually striking template that will not disappoint in terms of creative freedom, design quality, and the precise alignment of each elements, all of whom work together to help you create a business plan that will be pleasing to the eye, as it will be easy to edit and customize in accordance to what your actual strategy is going to be.

You can use the slides to talk about your company and why it was founded, and then gradually build up towards some analysis and market data that you have acquired, which will strengthen your own understanding of the business that you’re going to launch. The templates are easy to edit, and they strike a beautiful chord when it comes to creativity and flexibility.

business plan powerpoint template



Marketing Plan Powerpoint Template

Well, if you’re still unsure about launching a business, perhaps you have a marketing plan at the back of your head that you’d like to present? Choosing the best Powerpoint template for your needs is crucial.

SlidePro designers really do an excellent job at covering the best powerpoint presentation templates for very specific niches and categories, and with Marketing Plan you’ll have no trouble to present to your audience a strategy that you know is going to yield big returns in the long run. Choose from more than 50 unique slides, and a dozen color schemes to spark up the interface for each of your slides.

marketing plan powerpoint template



Target Powerpoint Template

What is the target of your agency? Have you created a presentation about your company yet? If not, you’re in luck, because Target is one of the best Powerpoint templates that cover all areas of outlining your services, and how those services can help your clients to flourish and prosper in their own business endeavors.

The first impressions are rather clear, there’s a lot of color action going on, but without the concise specification of design that resembles something of a professional landing page you’d see on the web.

target powerpoint template


Medical PowerPoint Template

Take a look at this health-oriented template, called Medical. Ideal for those who work in the health industry and would like to present some of their experience, or important findings, through a presentation module.

You can talk about individual aspects of what your profession involves, and you can also highlight the members of your team who have made your work success that much more effective. Pick and choose custom colors for each slide to highlight the important parts.


medical powerpoint template



Business Proposal PowerPoint

Rocketo Graphics does a wonderful job when it comes to business-oriented templates, and you can trust that their products are always going to deliver the value that they promise. Business Proposal is a neatly designed presentation for you to propose your business idea with.

Charts, demographics, and custom product features can all be discussed using unique styles, and further customized with colors or custom objects as per your own creative requirements.


business proposal powerpoint template


Investor Powerpoint Template

Are you in the investor business? Do you keep a close eye on the latest trends in the stock market? Chances are that you’re an angel investor, and need something powerful to present your investment plan with, so with that in mind, we highly recommend this creative and somewhat cool Powerpoint template called Investor Pro.

Talk about your team, yourself, and the goals that you have achieved over the timespan of being an active investment company, let the slides do the talking and focus on building individual relationships with new clients.

investment powerpoint template


Business Strategy Deck PowerPoint

A business without a strategy might as well be no business at all. The Business Strategy Deck is an all-in-one solution for talking about your ideas and strategies for an upcoming product in your division, or the business as a whole. The creativity is limitless with this particular template.

The graphics and individual elements are for you to edit, resize, and customize in accordance to your own specific needs. Business strategy ppt template includes good powerpoint slides backgrounds to show your ideas clearly. The 60+ slides do a great job at covering both individual strategy planning and also that of an agency who might be interested in pitching a strategy towards a high-value client.


Christmas Event PowerPoint Template

The holiday season is a great time of the year to celebrate success and to give back to your customers. If you’re the director of marketing at your company, you may very well find this Christmas Event template well worth a try.

Get your marketing team to come up with a concise strategy for using the holidays to increase sales, and then convert those ideas into this beautiful and cool template that’s going to impress your board of directors.

christmas powerpoint template


Project Status Timeline PowerPoint Template

Every project, idea or a business goal needs to have a timeline, and typically you will be using slideshows to explain a timeline when it’s in the case of talking about long-term strategic goals. How are you going to go from 1 to 1,000 customers, and what is the timeline going to be?

The Project Timeline template allows the creative space for you to explain your ideas and research data in a thorough way. While the slides will do the visual talking, you can focus on bringing forth the actual communication over the factors that make your plan sustainable.

project timeline powerpoint template


Spectacular Animated Amazing Powerpoint Templates

The word “cool” has so many different uses, but certainly, it is appropriate in the case of talking about this Spectacular Animated template. A fully animated Powerpoint template to really help you enhance the experience of telling your story to the audience. There’s a choice of more than 20 slides, all of which can be edited and customized in accordance to what you’re presenting.

The total length of all the slides is in the range of 2 minutes, but given that you can edit and customize with your own objects, you might as well say that the runtime is unlimited. The smooth animations are achieved using PowerPoint’s own animation engine.


Simple Powerpoint Template

Sometimes all you need is just something simple, maybe with a little bit of color inside of the spectrum, but certainly nothing overly complex. In that case, we want to leave you with the Simple Powerpoint Template from SlidePro. It’s ideal for weekly team meetings where you want to discuss the achievements, goal timeline, and present some new ideas for everyone to share their thoughts about; that simple!


simple powerpoint template


The Best Modern Powerpoint Templates

We have gathered 17 amazing modern PowerPoint templates which will help you to create beautiful presentations really fast.

PowerPoint presentations are highly used all over the world to present any data, product, or service, or just to share information with an audience. Since PowerPoint is here for a while, there is a big chance you can find presentation template with an old ugly design. But having a professional modern presentation is a good starting point.

PowerPoint presentation software is highly editable which means you have a room for experiments and creating a beautiful properly organized presentation for your business. PowerPoint is not that difficult to master, especially when you have one of these amazing templates from the list below.

The fact of the matter is that professional powerpoint designers, create templates for categories that are in high demand, so while many of these can feel drawn more towards the business end, they still feature cool layouts and interesting features that will add a nice touch to your presentation workflow.

All you need to do is choose proper presentation, 10-15 best slides, and adjust the information and visual content.

1. Martik Minimal Modern PowerPoint Template

If you are new to PowerPoint templates, you definitely need to use templates to make your job fast and quality. Martik is a bundle including 10 presentation templates with different purposes and designs, so you can choose what you like the best.



2. Motagua – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Motagua is a brand new Powerpoint presentation template with over 600 unique slides for any business. Placeholders are ready, so you can just drag and drop the images and elements you need to change. 60 color schemes allow you to pick the one similar to your brand colors.

motagua - modern powerpoint templates 1motagua

motagua-modern-powerpoint-templates-2.jpgmotagua - modern powerpoint templates 3motagua - modern powerpoint templates 4


3. Ghost Minimal Powerpoint Template

Ghost Minimal Powerpoint Template has 100 unique multipurpose slides and 450 vector icons as a bonus. This amazing bundle includes everything you may need for your future presentation, for example, photo layouts, infographics, tables, vector icons, maps, diagrams and tons of good features.



4. Quintus Minimal Clean Powerpoint Template

Quintus is a beautiful, modern, and minimalist set of PowerPoint presentation templates with 92+ unique slides and drag-and-drop object placeholders. All the fonts used here are free and any graphic element can be adjusted to fit your needs.



5. Next Level Corporate Powerpoint Template

Next Level PPT presentation is a modern trendy template with huge customization options. This pack of slides will fit any kind of business, such as social media, marketing, investments, branding, e-learning, education, non-profit, tech, advertising, web or mobile, creative, or general business.

next level modern powerpoint templates 2017


6. Simple & Cool PowerPoint Template

Add more edginess to your presentation using this simple yet creative presentation template. The gray and blue colors make the layout instantly likable, and they can help make the facts more memorable to the reader.



7. Six Template Modern Presentaion Design

This is an amazing modern dynamic PowerPoint presentation Six Template. Here are six reasons to choose it: the template has a print-ready layout, modern design, 45 professionally-designed slides, nice section breaks, portfolio slides, and customizable options.



8. i9 Template System

Choose this modern elegant presentation template bundle is you are going to create a lot of presentations soon. It has over 13,000 slides and 22 templates so you have definitely a huge number of options to choose from.




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9. Ever – Modern Powerpoint Design

Ever is a PowerPoint presentation template designed using to the most popular graphic elements. It has 16,000 total slides, customizable design, and various color schemes.



10. TAHU Sleek Modern PowerPoint Template

Your business thrives on your creative style. Don’t just use any ordinary template to show off your creative skills. Make an impact with this modern stylish PowerPoint presentation. It has over 50 beautiful slides and full HD layout.



11. Shift Modern Powerpoint Template

Shift Modern Powerpoint Template speaks for its name. Let your audience take a sneak peak of your brand with this blue and white presentation design. It consists of 150 fresh modern slides, custom animations, and lots of color palettes of your choice.



12. Simplicity Creative Powerpoint Presentation

Simplicity is a modern presentation template which will help you to tell people about your products, sell your services, and as a result, grow your business. When it comes to the statistics, this template was sold over 4,000 times, and it has 5-star buyer’s rating, which means it’s totally worth your time.



13. Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business PowerPoint Presentation Template has over 400 slides, 50 color schemes, and unlimited customization features. You can use this presentation template for displaying or advertising your products or giving a modern-looking presentation.



14. Awesome Slides

Awesome Slides is one more great modern business template you can use in white or dark color schemes. Also, you can personalize the template as you want due to its editing features. Choose a different font color or add images to more effectively communicate your message.



15. Booker – Business Presentation

Bookkeeping can certainly be a tricky area when it comes to business. You want to attract the viewer without distracting them from the information you are relaying. Don’t worry, amazing template Booker has you covered with its clean, modern, and simple design.



16. Fylora – Powerpoint Template

What do designers, artists, writers, and musicians, all have in common? Creativity is the professional lifeline for them all. This is a perfect modern presentation template for creatives of any kind. It has nice botanical slides and customization features.



17. Brended Multipurpose Presentation

Add more glance to your presentation as you present pieces of trivia in a fun and colorful presentation template like this. Brended is a fully editable presentation with image placeholders and colorful layout.



Best Minimal Powerpoint Templates for Simple Presentations

A clean and minimalistic design is always a great choice. Pick your favorite from these Minimal PowerPoint templates to create modern and simple presentations in minutes.

The minimalist PowerPoint presentations have a main focus on their content instead of eye-catching design elements and effects. But even without heavy design elements, your presentation can look fantastic.

Minimalist design has been around since forever. It got its popularity with the material and flat design. More and more presentations these days are created using clean minimalistic design, and if you are in doubt what to use, minimalistic design is always a great choice.

In this showcase, we have collected 15 amazing minimalist PowerPoint presentation templates for different purposes. Just scroll down and choose which presentation or bundle of presentations you would like to use.

1. Managua – Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

This huge presentation bundle has about 24000 total slides for all purposes. It’s made with a minimal style in mind but consists of a number of creative features, including the following: multiple color choices, slide layouts, icons, infographic options, graphs, charts, and more.



2. Eureka Minimal PowerPoint Templates

This awesome presentation template features a minimalist, modern design. It comes with easy to change shapes, texts, colors, and graphs. Take a look at the reviews below the presentation, they are all excellent.



3. Minimal PRO Bundle – Powerpoint Minimal Presentations

This amazing presentation bundle includes 10 clean minimalist PowerPoint as well as Keynote templates. Using these templates you can easily create professional beautiful presentations to catch attention. The slides will look amazing on both screen and projector.



4. Clean and Simple Powerpoint Template

If you are looking for a flexible PowerPoint template which is extremely easy to customize, then this is a great option. It has a modern and elegant design also, a number of customization options. It combines dynamic designs with simple style.



5. Minimal Creative Powerpoint Theme

Minima is a well-structured beautiful clean PowerPoint presentation template for any kind of business. It has over 200 total slides, and placeholders to change images in just one click.



6. Summit 2 – Multi Design PowerPoint Template

Summit 2 is a multipurpose PowerPoint template with a clean yet creative design. It includes 5 themes and 140 of unique slide designs. It is a perfect mix of layouts that use photos, data, and vector icons.



7. Vanzer Powerpoint

With over 60 unique professionally-designed slides and 25 color options, Vanzer is a perfect presentation template for various purposes. It goes with 700 vector icons you can use to create your own design.



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8. Minimalism – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Building an attractive presentation design is so much easier with a high-quality PowerPoint template. Minimalism has 50 unique slides and a beautiful clean design.



9. Minimix Powerpoint Presentation

Minimix is a modern clean presentation template featuring over 70 unique slides and ability to change color in just one click. Besides, it includes image placeholder to drag and drop the image you need into your design.



10. Active PowerPoint Template

Active is modern minimalist PowerPoint template with an elegant sophistication. It’s easy to adjust any design element with no software other than PowerPoint needed. It includes 150 unique slides you can use.



11. Green2017 PowerPoint Template

This minimalist PowerPoint template is a perfect choice for an annual report, pitch deck, business plan presentations, or sales proposal. It has black and white slides with amazing green highlights to catch viewers’ attention.



12. Grande Powerpoint Template

Spread your knowledge with this clean and simple presentation template. You can use it to share your best ideas with your team or target audience. Thanks to creative layout and attractive images it will be suitabel for photographers, designers, and artists.



13. MakeIT-PowerPoint Template

Choose this modern and minimalist presentation template to showcase your new product or service. Image placeholders allow you to add your images to the slides in just one click. Besides, you can edit any other element of presentation to fit your style and brand.



14. Rigel Presentation Template

A successful presentation requires bringing your ideas together and making compelling points. Rigel is a clean PowerPoint template that will help you keep your message clear and slide design beautiful.



15. Minimalis Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Template

This template also uses a mix of classic and modern fonts, images, and icons. You can show the spread of your products with a world map, tell a story of your company with a timeline, and customize any elements of presentation to suit your needs.



Professional Microsoft Powerpoint Templates

In this article, you will find the best Microsoft PowerPoint templates perfect for creating a corporate presentation of any kind. Time is money when you are running a business. And being able to quickly inform your team about the changes, convince investors to give you money, or tell your audience about new product features is crucial. Besides, a presentation can make or break your deal. You can do all these things with the proper high-quality presentation.

These templates will help you to save your time and build an impressive gorgeous presentation without design skills.

1. Business Plan Professional Powerpoint Template

Improve your business reports with this clean, monochrome design with blue highlights as an accent. You can also edit any elements of this presentation, add your images, icons, fonts and completely adjust it to fit your desires. All slides are fully editable in Microsoft Powerpoint.



2. Investor Pro Powerpoint Template

Be simply confident in your report with this corporate presentation featuring a black and white color scheme with blue highlights. It looks modern trendy and fresh. You can present your data in a professional manner.



3. Multi Microsoft PowerPoint Template

For business presentations, it’s better to avoid clutter and focus on the most important points of your discussion. This amazing template with over 210 high-quality professionals slides can help you do that. Besides, you can choose among 90 pre-made color schemes.



4. Benefit PPT Powerpoint Template system

The Benefit business template checks all the boxes. You can showcase your products or services, use features to present your business breakthroughs, share your data analysis with quality graphs and charts, and a lot of slide design layouts, to be exact over 250 creative slides, to help you make your important points.



5. Final Bundle | Powerpoint & Keynote

With 96% satisfaction rate, this amazing template bundle is exactly what you need to create successful business presentations. Make an impact with these 10 modern, clean, minimalistic, and colorful Powerpoint templates. If you have more than one presentation in future, this bundle will be your lifesaver.



6. Gloobisk – Multipupose Presentation Template

Gloobisk is one of the best business templates to work with. It is packed with over 1600 slides, free option fonts, 12 color palettes, and editable shapes.



7. Business Solution

Your business is successful because you pay attention to the details.If you are looking for some creative slide layouts, this presentation is what you need. It has unique charts and graphs to showcase your data.



8. Corporate Powerpoint Bundle Vol.2

If you are looking to present a product for investors, or a hotel, or real estate business, these slides will help you out with these. This bundle has 3 amazing templates with over 250 slide designs. Overlay picture effect looks amazing and it can help to add text on images.



9. Hikari – Powerpoint

It’s never easy to build an impressive business presentation from scratch, which is why Hikari is here to lend you a hand. This amazing presentation features monochrome design with red color accents. It has devices mockups, chart box, price tags, SWOT analysis slides and more.



10. Business Strategy PowerPoint

Business Strategy is a perfect choice for a corporate report or a marketing strategy. It includes a welcome slide, mission, vision, strategic goals, company overview, history, management team, KPI, strategy principles, action plan and more.



11. Grinder Powerpoint Template

This modern PowerPoint business presentation template is good for building startup pitches or showcasing your business ideas. If you want to make a professional presentation that communicates your message with clarity, then grab this amazing design set.



12. Project Proposal Microsoft PowerPoint Template

Here one more clean minimalistic and straight to the point presentation template. It can be used for building marketing reports and visualizing data for your audience. You can edit any part of the design, including colors, fonts, and icons.



13. Imagine PowerPoint Template

This creative Imagine template is a good solution for creating a variety of business presentations, such as: detailing your report, presenting your business plan, showing your social media strategy, or detailing a compelling business case.



14. Business Plan – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

A corporate template should be designed in such a way that the visuals are eye-catching without distracting from the important content. This clean modern presentation with editable shapes, colors, and fonts is an ideal solution.



15. PowerPoint – Kelsey

Kelsey is a beautifully designed monochrome presentation template. It does not need bold colors to make your presentation stand out. Change any element of the design to adjust it for your needs.



16. Espire Microsoft Powerpoint Template

Espire is multipurpose template designed using best practices and creative layouts techniques. With 137 unique slides, useful text boxes, bold colors, vector chart slides, and editable image placeholders, it’s a flexible design set.



Your marketing department may include digital marketing, print advertising, branding, social media marketing, SEO, and more other marketing-related industries. One of the best ways to tell your marketing ideas and strategies with your team or investors is a presentation. Don’t build a presentation from scratch, because it would take a lot of time. However, proper marketing PowerPoint templates can help you save time and efforts on crafting a successful marketing pitch.

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Design an eye-catching presentation in a few clicks using these professional marketing Powerpoint templates. You can edit any part of the presentation theme using PowerPoint on Windows. You can change icons, images, fonts, font size, colors, insert your data, and adjust it to fit your needs.

1. Professional Marketing Plan Powerpoint Template

Do you want to impress your audience from the first glance? This fantastic Marketing Plan presentation template will help you to do this. Besides, it’s entirely editable, so that you can adjust it to fit your needs.


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2. Marketing Pitch Deck PowerPoint

Pitch Deck is a perfect choice when it comes to the brief presentation of your business plan. Using it, you can show off your marketing strategy and present your ideas in the best way.


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3. Business Strategy Deck PowerPoint

It’s not that easy to create a compelling presentation for your business from scratch. That’s why we listed here this excellent Business Strategy template for PowerPoint. It has a modern minimalist design, over 60 slides, and 24 color schemes to choose from.


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4. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Look at this PowerPoint template with easy-to-read fonts, sleek design, and lots of charts. You can showcase any data you need using this template, such as sales strategy, pricing strategy, S.W.O.T. analysis, social groups, demographics, and more.


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5. The Digital Marketing Pro – Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template for digital marketing is easy to customize for Microsoft users. You can easily attract the attention of your audience with this stunning design. It also features five pre-made color palettes.


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6. Marketofy – Ultimate Marketing PowerPoint Template

Marketofy is one of the most popular bundles of PowerPoint templates on Envato market. It includes a massive set of 390 slides, dozens of charts and maps, light and dark versions of slides.


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7. Marketfy Powerpoint Presentation

Do you think about the ways to make an impact on your viewers with your marketing strategy? Think no more. This marketing Powerpoint presentation template was designed for online marketing, real estate, or any other business.


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8. Social Media Trends 2017 – Powerpoint Template

For all social media marketers out there, this marketing Powerpoint template will help you to build a fantastic presentation and save your time. It contains over 100 different slides to showcase any data with charts and images.


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9. Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Template

You see a complete version of marketing plan presentation with clean white design and eye-catching colorful elements. It contains different slides, such as mission, goals, product, market trends, market needs, gender groups, WOW process, and more.


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10. Digital Marketing – Business Presentation

Effective digital marketing is an excellent way to increase business sales. It contains 160 unique slides, both animated and non-animated. You can insert your images into slides in just one click.


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11. Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template

Marketing Mix is a modern minimalist Powerpoint template with 32 slides of different purposes. You can choose from 7 pre-made color schemes to fit your branding and goals.


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12. Slidewerk – Marketing Powerpoint Template

Slidewerk is a fully editable marketing Powerpoint presentation template. You can customize icons, colors, fonts, and mockups.


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13. Project Professional Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

This wonderful PowerPoint template has over 200 unique slides with animations and without animation.It will be suitable for medicine, marketing, IT, education, real estate, an advertising company, and more.


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14. Target Marketing Strategy PPT

Here is a simple Marketing presentation template in dark color scheme with 3D images. You can showcase any data using charts, graphs, pie charts, mockups, timelines, and maps.


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15. Facebook Marketing Powerpoint Template

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Thus, it’s a great place to advertise your business. This presentation was created for marketers who are going to place their ads on Facebook.


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16. Next Powerpoint Template

Next is a basic PowerPoint template with clean, modern layout suitable to present the plan marketing of your projects. It includes 60 unique slides with a fully customizable design. You can pick one of 12 color schemes for your presentation.


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17. Content Marketing Presentation

To have an effective marketing strategy, you need to use proper techniques. This PowerPoint template may be exactly what you are looking for. It has 120 slides with flat design.


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18. Xpress | Powerpoint Template

Just take a look at this fantastic corporate presentation Xpress. It has over 7,000 slides which will be enough to create 100 presentations. You can choose one of 115 colors for your presentation elements.


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19. CONNECT – Marketing Powerpoint Template

Connect is an excellent presentation template which can help you to share your ideas with an audience. It’s fully animated. It has 700 slides and four color schemes.


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20. SEO PowerPoint Template

Make your message clear and impressive with this SEO PowerPoint template. You can showcase all necessary data to your team or investors.


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21. Next Level Powerpoint Template

Tell your ideas and reports using this simple professional presentation template. It contains over 60 slides and 60 color schemes to choose from.


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22. Marketing Idea PowerPoint Template

Marketing Idea has over 100 unique slides and 2000 total slides which are huge! If you want to change images on the slides, just drag and drop a photo.


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23. Online Marketing PowerPoint Template

It’s a digital age. We shop online, book tickets, and this means any professional should know online marketing. Here is a perfect illustrated presentation template for online marketing.


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24. Marketing Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Here is a big set of marketing slides to help you create a presentation of your dream. It has clean, minimalist design with blue elements and bold fonts.


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25. Marketing Kit – PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing Kit is a useful, cool presentation theme with 180 slides. It has everything you may need: device mockups, portfolio slides, charts, maps, graphs, timelines, and more.


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Best Animated Powerpoint Templates

Finding animated Powerpoint templates on the internet sometimes is really hard because are not created by a professional designer, also the market has grown massive in the recent years and it is getting more difficult to distinguish between a reliable template and a copycat.

We spent some thinking brainstorming about the best animated PowerPoint templates, that we thought deserved the title ‘best’, based not only on their performance as far as the number of downloads they had, but also taking into the account factors like design quality, the template age, and possibilities of customization that would allow creating more personalized slideshow experiences.

We have gathered 30+ animated ppt templates that we think you’re going to absolutely love.

Flash FX Animated Powerpoint Presentation

Flash FX goes back as far as 4 years, yet remains as one of the strongest Microsoft PowerPoint templates for presenters who need an animated introduction to their slides. This package consists of 30+ slides, with easily customizable color options and slide rearrangement options for creative purposes.



Motagua – Multipurpose Best Animated PowerPoint Template

Motagua has accumulated more than 400+ customer reviews, and 19,000 sales in the 2 years that this template has been made available, and that big of a number tells us a lot, especially in a market as saturated as PowerPoint templates.

Though we get it, Motagua is based on 600+ unique slides, with tens of thousands of customization options, and it helps to have a library of more than 3,000+ vector icons to go along with it. People who are often seen using this template specialize in areas like marketing, infographics, corporate business, small business, social media, and similar areas of expertise.


Spectacular Animated Presentation

Don’t wait for the right moment to add some animated Powerpoint effects to your presentations, the Spectacular animated presentation template consists of more than 20 fully animated slides, ready to be edited and customized per your own preference. These animated slides are going to be great assets for situations where you wish to add a more interactive touch to a presentation.



Awesome Slides PPT Animated Presentation

Awesome Slides has lived through the recent years of designer influx, and continues to remain a solid choice for any type of presentation that you may be planning. This is largely thanks to the 100+ unique slides, which can be customized into nearly 10,000 unique variations; on top of having a dozen of color scheme choices. The custom animated slides will further enhance the viewing experience for anyone who is going to be exposed to your slideshows.

Awesome Slides


Ever – Multipurpose Animated Presentation Template

The Ever template is a multipurpose PowerPoint design, with more than 5,000 sales and hundreds of custom ratings. The success of Ever is largely thanks to the designers who built this amazing template, their research into the most trending templates for PowerPoint allowed them to craft a template that includes many of the most popular features, all within a single package. Ever provides its users with custom animations for diagrams and charts, and general object switching from one slide to another.

Ever - Multipurpose Presentation Template


i9 Template System Animated Powerpoint Template

The i9 Template System is an innovating approach to animated PowerPoint templates, first of it is based only on 22 unique captivate templates (slides) by itself, but because of the complexity of those templates; users can get out of the i9 System more than 13,000 unique slide variations, and choose between a light or dark version for each.

The slides are built in categories like infographics, portfolio, structure, team, maps, charts, data, clusters, and other highly organized categories that allow you, the presenter, to talk to your audience in clear and concise manner.

i9 Template System


Best Animated Powerpoint Template

The Business presentation template for PowerPoint continues to grow at a rapid rate, and we totally understand why — this bad boy has 400 unique slides that come in more than 50 different colors, on top of having 200 pre-made animation templates in different color variations, as well as free 500 font icons and individual elements that are accessible as vectors.

This is a versatile template that will find use in business situations but also create social media endeavors or similar fields of interest.

Business PowerPoint Presentation Template


Eureka – Minimal PowerPoint Template

If you analyze some of the presentations that are released in different industries, you can sometimes spot how different they all are compared to one another, for example — developers are usually relying on blank slides and just stamping code on them, while marketing experts use as many diagrams and charts as humanly possible, and once in awhile you come across the unicorn, the one presentation that’s simple and elegant in its design.

It has the right amount of visual structure, but not nearly enough to feel distracting. And what sort of defines the Eureka template, it’s a smooth and minimal choice of a PowerPoint example that implements seamless animation effects to help transition from one slide to the next.

Eureka - Minimal PowerPoint Template


Mercurio Animated PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mercurio has a clean design foundation, however it is highly flexible and is intended to be used as a multipurpose template for presenting materials related to business and such. The unique slides cover areas like portfolio items, general business context, infographics, data oriented charts, geographical maps, data tables, timelines, etc,. etc,. The animations included are ideal for making a more smooth slide transition experience.

Mercurio PowerPoint Presentation Template


Stampede – Multipurpose Animated Powerpoint Template

Stampede is the one PowerPoint template you never thought you’d need, but once you explored its features and variety a little deeper, it instantly become a favorite of yours, well, at least that’s what we’d expect for you think after you have a taste of a presentation templates that has 700+ slides and more than 200,000+ customization options.

The designs of Stampede slides make content feel fresh, organized, and easily accessible even to the audience members who sit all the way in the dark back.

Stampede - Multipurpose Powerpoint Template


Influencer – Interactive Animated Powerpoint Template

Presentations, at least in business, are nearly always about making more sales, about attracting clients and closing more deals. That’s why you’re weighing your options about which presentation template to choose, because a great design could be the tipping point between a closed deal, and a lost opportunity. The Influencer template was designed with these principles in mind, and we know you’re going to be easily impressed with what it has to offer.

Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template


Simplicity – Premium and Easy to Edit Template

Simplicity is a vector-based PowerPoint template intended for informative presentations that wish to spice things up with a touch of authenticity. What we means is that sometimes you see a minimal and simple template, but it doesn’t really have that touch of uniqueness to it, whereas this Simplicity template is designed so that each slide feels as if provided by a professional organization and/or business.

Simplicity – Premium and Easy to Edit Template


Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

Business Proposal is an answer to your prayers if you have been seeking out a reliable template to present your business and marketing ideas with. It’s a 60+ slides template with 20+ color schemes, and a total of 6,000+ slide customization variations. The slides are fully animated to reflect the interactive aspects that we see in popular business slideshows today.

Business Proposal PowerPoint Template


Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Get your startup off the ground and funded with this magnificent Startup X template, which was just recently updated with new and exciting features, and of course, extra slides! Startup X yields its core design functionality from around the web, in particular a research paper which was concluded by Forbes, and which outlined the most important things that a presentation needs to have in order for it to succeed. The Startup X is the culmination of all those key points.

Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template [UPDATED]


Concept Animated Powerpoint Bundle

Concept is a multipurpose and animated presentation template for PowerPoint users. It’s equipped with an impressive, and immersive, design concept that’s going to work great in the context of business, creative, and organization based presentations. The easy to customize user interface will make you feel like you’re in charge of everything that happens around the design of all slides individually, and that’s a good feeling indeed.

Concept Powerpoint Bundle


Pitch – Modern Powerpoint Template

Writing and sharing your ideas on paper, or worse, in an email is just not so viable as a business solution anymore. These days major corporations and startups are all using slideshow templates such as Pitch to present and convey their business powerpoint presentation ideas in a clear and effortless manner. Why waste time pushing out text, when you can visualize your idea?

Pitch - Modern Powerpoint Template


Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Investor Pitch is based on the same idea, to give you the required design elements and tools for you to outline your idea for a startup or a business to your audience, in a way that feels seamless, but also manages to include every single little detail that could be crucial in the final decision process.

Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template


Retro Color Powerpoint Presentation

Retro Color is a bit of an old-school template that sits on only 13 slides, however it is a highly animated PowerPoint template and so it definitely has earned a spot to sit amongst some of the best animated PowerPoint templates on the market. Retro Color is unique, it’s colorful, it has unique typography, and it feels great when you’re the one experiencing it.

Retro Color Powerpoint Presentation


Corporate Widescreen Animated Powerpoint Presentation

Corporate Widescreen goes way back in terms of the publishing date, but it hasn’t stopped customers from being keen on getting their hands on this beautiful template. It was designed to be fully ready of animation input, and the design is based on a simplistic ideal, something that would work really well in the context of a weekly business meeting.

Corporate Widescreen Powerpoint Presentation


Social Media PRO – Powerpoint Template

Social Media PRO as the name indicates, is for social media experts and marketing professionals who wish to convey their research and ideas into a visually appealing format. As the social media world continues to grow, more and more data becomes accessible that can make for some truly revolutionary findings in the way that we conclude social marketing today.

Social Media PRO - Powerpoint Template


2017 Project Presentation Template

Do you have an exciting project coming up? Have you decided yet on the way that you’re present your project o the world? This unique and minimalistic template was purposefully designed to be used to individuals who are still ironing the final details of launching their project into the real world. It covers all aspects of business, project management, and idea coverage so that nothing of utter important gets left out.

2017 Project Presentation Template


Clean Professional Powerpoint Templates

When you read the template’s name as Clean, you know you’re in for a minimalistic experience, however we were thoroughly impressed by the second variation for the Clean template, which was no longer black and white, but fully colorful and extended with a color scheme that easily is going to impress your audience. The crisp clean style makes this a brilliant template choice.

Clean Powerpoint Template


Atitlan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Atitlan is advertised as a multi-purpose presentation template, ideally for business and personal topics. Being of that nature, we couldn’t help but recognize how rich the slides feel, and how rich are the provided elements for discussing and explaining different parts of a business, and even personal projects if it comes down to that.

The list of slides cover areas like infographic elements, flowcharts, analysis, mockups, creative backgrounds galleries, pitch decks, and so much more.

Atitlan PowerPoint Presentation Template


Izabal Cool Animated Powerpoint Effects

Izabal is a highly customizable template with animation capabilities as provided by a separate PPT template. The extensive documentation that’s included in this template explains how to access more than 60 unique color styles, and how to edit the provided icons and shapes for maximum exposure in your own presentation.

Izabal Multipurpose Powerpoint Template


Startup Animated PowerPoint Templates

Finally we have the Startup Pitch Deck, a fairly dated template, but nonetheless has remained true to its core foundation and the design has withstood the challenge of being challenged by other similar templates. Hundreds of customers are pitching their startup ideas using this exact template, and if anything — that’s a huge upside for the designer himself.

Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint



Which one of these animated PowerPoint templates are you going to pick for your next project? We thought the variety of choices was excellent, and equally balanced amongst business and personal projects.

Share with us your thoughts, your questions and ideas for further presentation template lists as we continue to explore the exciting things that PowerPoint designers are coming up with.

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