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Finding the right corporate PowerPoint template for your needs can sometimes be a bit of a touch decision, not only are there hundreds of unique choices out there that you can choose from, more often than not — business templates are limited in terms of expressing a particular issue related to corporate business. We totally get that, and for that reason alone decided to round up a very concise selection of corporate Powerpoint templates that will individually serve and cater to situations that you most commonly encounter in such a business field.

Those areas include things like general corporate business, marketing efforts and pitches, sales management, and because it’s possible — we threw in a few template collection bundles, which are full of business-related templates, making it easier for your own corporation to have access to a large variety of templates within a single folder.

Corporate Overview Powerpoint Template

Corporate Overviews is a sophisticated template solution with integrated animation templates to give your slideshows a totally new and fresh look. Overall, this professional template is based on a clean, elegant, and easy to use design pattern that’s going to cover anything there is to discuss or showcase about your corporate business practices. Things like in-depth charts and diagrams elements will give you the right context for showing off new data related to your business growth, things that your investors are always happy to see and hear.

corporate overview powerpoint

Entire Shop Powerpoint + Keynote Presentations

Entire Shop is an absolutely mad collection of PowerPoint (and a few Keynote) templates, with more than 60+ unique PowerPoint templates included in the bundle altogether — which adds up to a value of over $1,000! To be able to get this much value for only a fraction of that price is a complete steal, and we couldn’t recommend enough for you to consider getting this bundle. The reasoning is simple, the individual templates cover things like startups, marketing, business, sales, innovation, entrepreneurship and the list keeps going. All templates have modern design standards, and are super flexible towards custom changes and adjustments as necessary.

Nova Minimal PowerPoint Template

Nova is a beautifully designed minimal template for PowerPoint slideshows. It’s best purpose would be business related presentations, in particular if you wish to present your company to a specific audience (like investors), but we can see how Nova could find use in other markets and industries as well. It’s highly customizable, and huge catalog of elements ensures that you can talk about your ideas in great depth, without losing the primary focus. In total there are more than 100 slides you can pick and choose from, with the addition of more than 400+ icons in vector format. Visuals like pictures can be changed using a drag and drop interface.

Nova Minimal PowerPoint Template

Marketofy – Ultimate PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint templates such as Marketofy are a timeless treasure, not only because they’re absolutely beautiful in their design, but because they offer hundreds of slides, and thousands of variations combining them all together. Marketofy in particular has an addition of more than 20+ color schemes, and a catalog of 2,500+ vector icons to spice up your slides with some creative thinking. Corporate businesses are all about attention to detail, precision, and the conveyance of clarity for anyone who is present in the audience, and with a template as complex as this — you will hit the nail on the head every single time.

marketofy best corporate powerpoint template

Marketing Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Corporate businesses aren’t void of marketing efforts, and in fact marketing is one of the key factors for a corporation to succeed with its operations. The Marketing Pitch Deck template from Slide Fusion is an excellent selection for situations where you’d like to propose a new marketing strategy to investors, but also people within your own company; given that you’re working under some sort of management. This template packs a powerful design palette, which users are in full control of editing, adjusting, and changing as required for the slideshow.

marketing pitch deck powerpoint

Next Level Best Corporate Presentation

Next Level is a trending business template for PowerPoint presentations that want to leave a strong and lasting impression on its audience. Not only are there 60+ presentation slides to choose from, you can customize colors in up to 60 different color ranges, further giving you a sense of uniqueness for each of your slides. You can get your hands on nearly 1,000 icons and shapes to give your slideshows a creative touch. Slides themselves focus on things like product comparison, project highlights, individual authors, team members, and geographical maps to explain how certain goals could be achieved within a set location.

next level powerpoint template

Business Strategy PowerPoint Presentation

Your business is dependent on a business strategy, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re corporate or just starting out. Your strategy is the foundation of your growth, and more often than not you will be working to tweak and adjust your strategy as your business operations continue to grow and expand.

In those cases, a PowerPoint template built for presenting a business strategy is exactly what you will be looking for, and we have it here for you — purposefully built template that gives you the tools and design elements to show your existing strategy growth, but also enough tools to allow you to explain in great detail as to how you plan to grow beyond your existing success, and what’s necessary to push forward.

business strategy powerpoint template

Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

The Business Proposal template is based on an aesthetically pleasing design principles, the individual elements and content areas have been thoughtfully designed to be a perfect fit in every occasion, and with 6000+ slide variations; you definitely have a lot of room to work with. Unique elements like Tables and Creative Graphs will take care of adding that special touch that will engage audience’s appreciation for detail. Slides can be animated based on an integrated animation engine for each slides.

business proposal powerpoint

Business Plan Corporate Powerpoint Template

Writing down a business plan used to be the old way of doing things, more and more companies and businesses are presenting their business plans and strategies using slideshows, this compact environment allows for business owners to dig deep into their own understanding of their business, the product, and the marketing they’re trying to reach. If you want everyone to be up to speed quickly as to how you’re going to strategically grow the company, the best way to explain is to fire up your PowerPoint and get a hold of a business planning template such as this one. With Business Plan’s elegant design, you can easily translate your ideas into a realistic visual presentation that’s going to leave out the hard questions.

business plan presentation for powerpoint

Company Profile PowerPoint Template

The old way of creating a company portfolio was to use PDF — stitch together some templates and a bunch of text, and that was it. Thanks to the quick evolution of software technology, companies of all sizes and structures can create their company profiles using slideshow software such as PowerPoint. Having a template specific to a single task is an effortless approach towards creating a portfolio slideshow that you can quickly send out to anyone who has enquires about your corporation or business. With this template you can discuss your structure, foundations, goals, and achievements that position you as the leading corporation in your field.

company profile powerpoint template

Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

Pitches are all about getting more eyes on your existing business, and the products that you plan to launch. A corporation is always evolving and creating new things to retain a strong grip over its individual market. The Elevator Pitch template gives you a slideshow template with precision execution for when it comes to pitching a new idea or a product, whether to a business, or within the management of your own corporation.

Elevator Pitch has features like 300 unique slides, thousands of vector icons, custom slides with and without effects, custom background choices, and dozens of color schemes to further make your slides unique in their own way.

elevator pitch deck powerpoint presentation

Sales Powerpoint Presentation

Lastly you’re looking at the Sales template. Marketing and Sales are similar in their nature, and any corporation out there is going to have a Sales department taking care of customer acquisition and support. In the event that you’re part of such a sales team (maybe you’re even the manager), you’ll likely want to have access to a presentation template that you can use to convey the success of your department, but also to highlight ideas and market developments that you think could be beneficial for the corporation as a whole.

sales powerpoint template

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