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Are you trying to impress your business partners or simply want to spice up your presentations but don’t know how? Well, we have a solution for you, these Cool Powerpoint templates are fun, simple, creative and ready to use and just what you need.

There is no need for you to stress trying to create the perfect presentation template because we have already provided them for you. The following Powerpoint templates are fully editable and ready for you to use. Creating a professional and impressive Powerpoint presentation has never been easier than it is today.

First, you need to gather all the information needed to be presented, which can be stressful enough not including creating the presentation. Secondly, download any of the following Powerpoint templates that are completely free for you to use. Thirdly, add all your information to the presentation template you downloaded, which will save you a lot of time than having started from scratch. Finally, present your presentation with confidence, knowing that your audience is impressed and has gotten a clear understanding of what you have presented.

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Filled with tons of infographics, unique slides, and typography you are sure to find the right look for your next presentation.

Best Free Cool Powerpoint Templates for Amazing Presentations:

A great selection of professional business PPT templates to influence your next presentation and leave your audience speechless. And best of all are available for free. Powerpoint templates of any kind that’s will help you to create amazing pitch decks.

Here are 50 of the best free Powerpoint templates of 2018 for professional presentations:

1. Corporate Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Corporate Template is a presentation compatible with Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides. It includes 8 modern and clean slides you can use for your business presentations or school projects. The colors used, give this modern presentation a fresh and cool look, while helping your information standout and capture the audience attention to the information being presented to them. If you do not like the colors used, or would like to change them to match with your company color or them, then it is easy to edit and change the colors.

corporate free powerpoint templatecorporate free powerpoint templatecorporate free powerpoint template


slideforest presentations


2. Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Antigua is an elegant and sleek template suitable for business presentations. It includes 10 professional Powerpoint slides and high-quality infographics to build a modern presentation. Also,  you can use other visual aids, apart from infographics, like images and vector icons to enhance your audience’s attention. You can easily add your images, while the template provides you with plenty of vector ions to use throughout the presentation to make certain information stand out. Antigua is an easy to edit presentation template, so you can present your information how you see best.

Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template

Antigua Free Powerpoint / Keynote / Google Slides Template


infographics and diagrams for powerpoint keynote and google slides


3. Business Free Powerpoint Presentation

If you need to put together a contemporary presentation for your company, full of slides with infographics, and simple colors then you can stop looking. This Business PPT template is great to show your companies values, missions, history, and services. Take advantage of this free perfect business PPT template that’s sure to impress your audience. In fact, you will have your audience’s undivided attention with the bright colors that will capture their attention on the slide, fully focusing on the information being presented.

Business Free Powerpoint Presentation

free business powerpoint template


4. Air Minimal Free Powerpoint Presentation

Do you need a simple and elegant PPT template to impress everyone on your next presentation? Then given Air Minimal a try to not only impress your audience, but to also impress you. With its simple aesthetic Air is a free PPT template that includes easy to edit graphics, drag and drop option and 450 vectors to decorate your next presentation, you will be impressed with easy and fast it is to create a professional presntation that looks elegant. Your audience will be impressed with the unique, creative, and sophisticated look this presentation has.

Free Air Minimal Powerpoint Template


5. Simple Free Powerpoint Presentation

If you have a presentation that needs to stand apart from the crowd, then this cool Powerpoint is right for you. With a modern and clean look, it will be great for showcasing your ideas. The Simple Powerpoint Presenation has striking slide layouts, differnt color choices, and the fonts are all customizable to fit your presentation and engage with your viewers. Because of its simplicity, this presentation template works great to present to a diverse audience.

Free Simple Powerpoint Template


6. Minimal Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

The minimalist aesthetic look is becoming more and more popular for business presentations. With the minimal look being hard to achieve on your own, this Minimal presentation is the perfect one for everyone. The Minimal PPT design has the right balance of pictures, icons, color, and fonts. Minimal presentations are great to keep you presentation shor, swee, and to the point, to not overwhelm your audience with too much information. So, are you ready to use this template, that can be easily customized any way possible to make your ideas stand out?

Minimal Powerpoint Presentation


7. Simple and Clean Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Are you ready for that important presentation but dreading the creative and time-consuming processes of making a powerpoint?

Simple is here for you, with its sophisticated look and minimal space you are guaranteed to excite your audience. These PPT templates use simple colors great to eye-catching without being distracting to the main message.

simple and clean powerpoint template - free PPT theme


8. SLIDES Free Powerpoint Presentation

With deadlines quickly approaching and no time to fire your computers Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides you need a simple solution.

Slides PPT is a simple business worthy presentation that will be sure to impact your viewers. With a limited selection of slides, icons, and color its simple to insert your information and have it ready to go.
Slides Powerpoint Presentation


9. Kotio Free Powerpoint Templates

Kotio is a fun PPT template presentation that offers ready to use photos, charts, and elements. With its simple look and unique layout, you are sure to make that perfect presentation for that deadline coming soon. You can customize every slide to fit your presentation and its ready to use photos are easy to access therefore no time wasted. So, don’t settle for any presentation that can let your audience lose focus and daydream, but enhance their attention using Kotio.

Kotio Powerpoint Presentation


10. GOLDEN Free Powerpoint Presentation

Do you need to put together a presentation for your next corporate meeting? full of slides, and great color themes then you can stop looking. This Golden PPT template is great to show your corporates, statistics, teams, and projects. Take advantage of this free cool PPT template, packed with amazing features like 60 slides, 3 fonts, 3 colored themes, and icon sets.

Golden Powerpoint Template


dowanlod unlimited slides for powerpoint, keynote google slides

11. EPSILON Free Powerpoint Template

To make a lasting impression on your audience, Epsilon is a free powerpoint template that fully editable and ready for you to use. Epsilon has tons of unique slides with a minimal look to help you present your big ideas and plans for the upcoming presentation. WIth Epsilon you will have your audience’s undivided attention. If you want to give a successful presentation, then this is the template you should use.

epsilon free cool powerpoint templates


12. Social Media Free Powerpoint Template

Are you looking for an engaging PPT template to display your social media presentation? Well, this free powerpoint template is provided to aid you in creating the best presentation. This presentation offers a minimal look, unique slides, and great colors, which are all simple to customize and use. While using the most iconic social media icons, the design will visually appeal to the viewers giving you an effective presetation that will enhance you audience’s attention.

social media free powerpoint templateDOWNLOAD

13. Company Profile Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Do you struggle to create an impressive Powerpoint presentation? Company Profile is here to help, with a minimal and sophisticated look, your next presentation doesn’t have to be hard to achieve. All you need to worry about is gathering all the information needed to be presented. When that is done, editing and customizing this template is not that hard. In fact, you will be able to rearrange and organize your information how you want. This free to use template will display your information with style and ease.

company profile free powerpoint templateDOWNLOAD

14. Optimous Free Powerpoint Presentation

Optimous is a multi-purpose PPT template ready to be used for free. Great for all business related presentations, this template is easy to use and fully customizable.  This presentation template is composed of 12 unique slides, and provides for you a free font and vector icons to display your ideas in a big way. Do you want to create a succesful presentation? Then stop scrowling, and dowload this free powerpoint template.  free cool powerpoint template 2017


15. Google Material Design Free Presentation

Try out this simple PPT template that’s easy to use, customizable, and free to download. With 6 layouts there’s no space for mistakes. As a result, you will have your presentations ready in no time, all you need to focus on is gathering all your information.  Even though it has only 6 slides, you can give an informative presentation, that is short, sweet, and to the point, without having to overwhelm the audience. So what are you waiting for? This presentation is free and ready for you to use.

google material free presentation themeDOWNLOAD

16. Free Business PowerPoint Template

Not everyone has the time and creativity to make a stunning presentation. This business powerpoint template is here to help with that, and with just one click you can get started making an amazing and impressive presentation. Don’t settle for boring and regular presentation template, when you can have this creative and professionally made Powerpoint template that is completely free for you to use. You have full control to make this presentation look and say everything you need to inform you audience about.

free business ppt


17. Metro Style FREE Powerpoint Template

Create a modern and clean presentation today with Metro Style. This unique PPT template is easy to use and completely customizable. Get your ideas heard in your next presentation with this free PPT template. Because of its unique and colorful slide layout, Metro Style will visually appeal to your audience, earning you their undivided attention. When using this Powerpoint presentation, you can present it with confidence knowing that your audience will be impressed with what you are presenting for them.

metro style powerpoint


18. Corporate Free Powerpoint Theme

This corporate presentation is here to make your presentations stand out and amaze your audience. This free PPT template is easy to use and fully customizable. Corporate Powerpoint Theme has a modern and clean look with features like drag and drop to be able to add and organize images, icons, and vectors. Everything you will need, you can find in Corporate to make give the best informative and impressive presentation. Even though you only have 10 slides, you can edit and customize them in an unlimited amount of ways.


19. Free Resume Powerpoint Theme

Designed to make your resume stand out, while giving you an impressive PPT template, we have provided for you with the Resume Powerpoint Template. Tell your story using the 40 slides provided for you to edit with your information, that will impress, and make you stand out from the rest.  This template provides for you three free fonts, a choice between two color themes, and a lot of icons that are available for you to use. Want to know the best part? You can download this presentation template for free.

free resume powerpoint theme


20. IRIS Free Powerpoint and Keynote Template

IRIS is a fresh modern presentation that is ready for you to use and is only one click away. With its unique slides and functions such as infographics, typography, and unique slide layouts you can custom create any presentation over and over again.

Product sale, team member slides and world maps to view the expansion of your products are only some of the things you can talk about in your presentations with this free cool PPT template.

free cool powerpoint templates


dowanlod unlimited slides for powerpoint, keynote google slides

21. ProBusiness Presentation Template

PROBusiness is here to make your business presentation stand out while impressing your company. With this template that is completely free, all your business presentations will stand out. You don’t need a lot of space to give an informative presentation, you can add all your information to the 10 slides provided. All the slides are easy to use and fully customizable letting you change, add, and rearrange anything on the slides. If you want colorful, professional, clean, and organize, then this business template is for you.




22. Marketing Report Free Powerpoint Template

This PPT templates modern style, 24 unique slides, active colors and customer support users don’t need to worry about their next presentation. Great for all business presentations this PPT template is free for anyone to use.

marketing report free powerpoint presentation template


23. Clean Free Presentation Template for Powerpoint

With free support, there’s no need to worry about messing up your next presentation. Clean free powerpoint, offers 18 unique slides and customizability to help you create your next presentation. Download it for free today and forget about your stress.

clean free presentation template for powerpoint


24. Sales Pitch Powerpoint Template

Creating your next presentation doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. Sales Pitch powerpoint presentation offers you everything you need to start creating fun and exciting presentations. With 25+ unique slides and 100 vector icons all available to you there are endless possibilities for your upcoming presentations.

free Sales Pitch Powerpoint Template 07free Sales Pitch Powerpoint Template 06free Sales Pitch Powerpoint Template 05free Sales Pitch Powerpoint Template 04


25. Eco Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Great for ecologic projects this free PPT template is here to help you. With an organic green layout, you’ll be able to present your plans with a clean style without losing focus on your big ideas.

eco free powerpoint template


26. Free Business Plan Powerpoint Template

If you want a presentation that looks classy, sophisticated, and elegant, then look no further. The Business Plan Powerpoint Template is the perfect presentation template to present a business plan in a clean and organized way. Buisines plans are important to any business because it sets the foundation of what your business is to what you would like to achieve and have it become. Show how serious and preofessional you are to get where you want to be.

free business plan powerpoint template


27. NOWCO Free Powerpoint Presentation

With a business aesthetic look, Nowco is here for you. Due to its sophisticated use of the colors orange, black, white and blue this PPT template is a noteworthy one. It’s corporate templates, icon pack and 3 font styles you are sure to have room to play around with and find the perfect look just for you.

NOWCO Powerpoint Presentation


28. BizPlan Free Presentation Template

Do you need your next business presentation to stand out from your companies boring employees? Bizplan free powerpoint template is here to help with that. This colorful presentation offers complete customizability with its 15 unique slides and free support to help with your presentation.

biz plan free powerpoint template 2018



29. Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Template

This free PPT template consists of 26 content slides, 5 premade color schemes, and is edit-friendly. All you need to get started on your next business presentation is one click away.

free marketing plan powerpoint presentation template 2018


30. Business Idea Powerpoint Free Presentation Template 2018

Is your deadline coming up soon for your business presentation? Do you have your information ready but creating an impressive powerpoint is hard for you? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because this free PPT template is here and ready to be used. Offering 31 unique slides, drag and drop ready, light and dark background choices for 27 premade color schemes all customizable to fit your needs.

corporate business idea free powerpoint template 2018


31. Free Instagram Analysis PowerPoint template

The colors used for this presentation template are based of the iconic and one of the most popular apps of social media, Instagram. The instragram Analysis Pwerpoint Template will surely capture the attention of anyone uses social media, because it will enahnce their curiosity to what the presentation would be about. Also, the bright and beautiful colors used in a diagnal gradiant way will visually appeal to anyone, whether they know about the social media app or not.

Free Instagram PowerPoint template


32. Free Business Report PowerPoint template

A business report is an important planningprocess for any business, in this report you need to provide data to a cretain audience. The Business Reprt Powerpoint Template provides 40 unique and distinctive slides to prent financial plans, show customer service reviews, and desmonstrate any research and their results. Download this amazing powerpoint presentation, and save yourself a lot of time creating an informative and professionall presentation. And the best part is that you can have this presentation template for free!

free business report powerpoint template


33. Window Free PowerPoint Template

Creating a presentation is not simple. Sometimes the hardest part is figuringout where to begin. Well, here we hace a simple and beautifully designed presntation template that will make any information stand out. Because, of its organized and clean look, this presentation will look professionally done. You have 25 slides to add all the information you need present and a variety of infographics to show any data in a visually appealing way. Window Free PowerPoint Template


34. Picanto PPT Template Free Download


Picanto PPT Template Free Download


35. Free Animated Business Infographics PowerPoint Template

Free Animated Business Infographics PowerPoint Template


36. Business Pro Free Powerpoint Template

A free presentation template ideal for business presentations. It includes 23 modern and unique slides with corporate style. This template combines the blue and green to give a clear message to your audience. You can use Business pro presentation template to present statistics, charts, services, business report and more.

business pro free powerpoint template



37. Modern Free Report Dark PPT Presentation Template

This free Modern powerpoint template is here to help you create your next big presentation. Creating an impressive presentation doesn’t have to be hard and with 19 unique slides and stylish colors you’ll be ready to start presenting today.

Modern Free Report Dark PPT Presentation Template


38. Corporate Business Plan Free Powerpoint Theme

Finding a great powerpoint template doesn’t have to be difficult. With this free PPT template, you can get started making modern and sophisticated presentations. Its 19 unique slides, icon font, and customizability is all easy to use and ready for your presentations.


39. Big Apple Free Powerpoint Presentation

Do you need a casual presentation or New York City style presentation? this PPT template is perfect. Its use of light and dark versions make those personal or commercial presentations stand out from the crowd. Download this great free Powerpoint theme today and get started on impressing those business partners.


40. Trends Free Presentation Template

Trends are the modern and directional way fashion and technology are going. This trendy presentation template is perfect to impress the audience visually with all the images and infographics. The colors used also help make the presentation more appealing, attracting the audience visually. Using color is  always the best way to catch the audience’s attention. The colors and layout of this desing is organized, and will enhance the audience’s attention without overwhelming them.

TRENDS Free Presentation Template


41. Company Report Highlighter Powerpoint Template

Company Reports are important to any business because of the information it contains. In a business report, you can describe what the business is all about, what plans the company has financially, and how their customers are doing with the company’s service. Since this information is more for the people not in the company, the information needs to be well organized, and easy for everyone to understand and read. This Highlighter Company Report is the perfect presentation template to give an amazing and informational presentation.

Company Report Highlighter Powerpoint Template


42. Startup Pitch Deck Free Powerpoint Template

Do you have big ideas for your company? Then use the Startup Pitch Deck to make your ideas be heard and to influence your audience. This presentation template is a professional Powerpoint template that will make you stand out, with its organization and well-designed layouts. Each slides is designed to give you all the information in a clear and easy to follow manne. This will help your audience get a clear message of your pitch and will give you effectiv results.

Startup Pitch Deck Free Powerpoint Template


43. Kindergarten Free Powerpoint Template

Children are known to have the shortest attention span. How can you keep a student or child-focused long enough to give them information and teach them? Well with the Kindergarten Powerpoint Template, you will have the children’s attention with the fun and bright colors used in the presentation. This presentation template mimics a piece of notebook paper being written on, which the Powerpoint template includes a handwritten font, to give it a more creative and visually appealing way.

Kindergarten Free Powerpoint Template


44. York Free Presentation Template

York Presentation Template is a creative presentation template that uses an electrifying blue color that will capture an audience’s attention. This blue monochrome presentation is great for an education-related presentation with all the designs that include notebooks, paperclips, pencils, and other cool small designs. This presentation is fully editable and ready for you create an impressive presentation. This template has up 25 slides for you to customize. You can change the color to match your companies, and so much more.

York free presentation template


45. Constructor Real Estate Free Powerpoint Template

If you are looking for a great presentation template that is elegant and very simple to edit, then you don’t have to look any further. The Constructor Real Estate Powerpoint Template is a stunning presentation template that will make your information stand out. With this presentation template, you have tables to add prices and show you investments in easy to read way to makes your information easy to understand. Throughout the presentation, a bright orange color is used to make your information stand out, and be visually appealing to your audience.

Constructor Real Estate Free PowerPoint Template


46. Alpha Medical Powerpoint Template

If you are looking for a presentation template that is one of a kind, clean, and impressive, then use the Alpha Medical Powerpoint Template. This presentation template is perfect for any medically related presentations. The background uses a blue with a heartbeat line design. This creative presentation template will make your presentation stand out while enhancing your audience’s attention. Giving a medically related presentation has never been visually appealing as it is using this presentation template.

Alpha Medical PowerPoint Template


47. Swot Analysis Free Powerpoint Template

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats. In business, you always need to know what are your strengths and weaknesses. Those two qualities are great to help you see what you need to have a successful company or business. Opportunity and threats are important to encourage your company to do the best of what they can do to not only succeed but achieve more than they can. The colors used make the presentation seem more creative and appeal to the audience.

SWOT Analysis Free Powerpoint Template


48. Data-Driven Financial Free Presentation Template

This colorful presentation template is a creative and easy way to present data. Data-Driven Financial Presentation Template has colorful infographics that would make the data more appealing to look at, which will help to give the audience a clear understanding of the data you are presenting. Why would you want to give your audience boring black and white presentation full of data that could let them daydream, when you can have a presentation that enhances their attention and gives them a creative and interesting presentation?

Data Driven Financial Free Presentation Template


49. Organizational Chart Free Powerpoint Template

This presentation template is clean and very well organized to make your information easy to understand. In fact, the Organizational Chart Powerpoint Template uses a dark pink almost red color on the slides to appeal to the audience visually. Color is always a great way to make your information stand out. You can add all the infographics and images needed to enhance your audience’s attention, hence earning their undivided attention to your presentation.

Organizational Chart free powerpoint template


50. Soft Consulting Free Presentation Template For Powerpoint

Are you looking for a powerful and creative powerpoint presentation? Then the Soft Consulting Powerpoint template is the perfect presentation template for you to use. With the soft colors used, it creates an eye-catching presentation, that is sure to capture your audience’s attention. This presentation template has everything you need to give an impressive presentation. You can add visual aids to give you audience a visually appealing way to get a bettwer understanding of what is being discussed.

Soft Consulting Free Presentation Template for Powerpoint


Premium Cool Presentation Templates

1. Motagua Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

With more than 18,000 sales you can’t go wrong with the best presentation template for Powerpoint of all times. It included more than 40,000 total slides that will help you to build a stunning presentation in minutes. Easy to edit, 60 colors themes, 3 ratio sizes, are only few of tons of features.

powerpoint templatesDOWNLOAD

Powerpoint keynote google slides


free powerpoint templatesfree powerpoint templatesfree powerpoint templates 2DOWNLOAD


We will be updating this post with more best free cool PowerPoint Templates for business, stay tuned. While you can browse in our category of free powerpoint presentation templates.


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