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Nowadays more and more people need to create powerful presentations and Keynote templates have become not only businesses favorite thing but also, bloggers, students, and startup companies necessity.

Keynote presentations are made for Apple users to create powerful and impressive decks.

Everything from business, minimalist, creative and student presentations can be found ready to use in websites such as Creative Market, Graphicriver and even for free around the internet.

The Best Keynote Templates of 2017

These 41 Keynote presentations are all suited for Mac owners who need to create eye-catching presentations with ease.

1.- Motagua – Multipurpose Keynote Template

Rather than buying multiple keynote templates to fit all your presentations, invest in a keynote template that has it all. Motagua has thousands of slides ready to be customized to your liking. Great for anything business you can start making your presentation today.

keynote templates


2.- Investor Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Everything you need for that investors pitch coming up is here for you. From vector icons, color schemes, unique slides and fast and friendly support this Keynote template is ready to use on your MacBook.

Investor Pitch Deck Keynote Template


3.- Elite | Multipurpose Business Infographic Keynote

Elite is here for all those Mac users that need greate presentation that are easy to use and have multipurposes. With a veraity of slides, icons, and colors this presentation can be used by all to leave a lasting impression on anyone.


4.- Solar Keynote Presentation Template

Packed with customizable colors, icons, slides, and infographics this Keynote template can make your ideas come to life. Solar is updated and ready to be downloaded by you to make your presentations stand out.

Solar Keynote Presentation Template


5.- Marketing Strategy Presentation for Apple Keynote

Great for market strategies this Keynote template has a vast amount of features to choose from making all your presentations unique and styled by you.

Marketing Strategy Presentation for Keynote


6.- Business Development Keynote Template

With its great flexibility and updateded version this Keynote template can be your next presentation. This professional, clean and creative design is perfect for anything business and is ready for your ideas to be displayed in it.

Business Development Keynote Template


7.- The X-note (Volume 2) – Keynote Template

Te X-note is a simple way of organizing your ideas to present them in a focused way therefor projecting your message clearly. This keynote  offers a user friendly template thats costamizable with colors, slides and icons to focus on your ideas.

The X-note (Volume 2) - Keynote Template


8.- Anim8 – Keynote Presentation Template

Packed with a clean and minimal look this Keynote presentation has everything you need to make it unique to you. With thousands of icons and vectors, each presentation can be different.

Anim8 - Keynote Presentation Template


9.- The Elegant Keynote Template

Need a clean and elegant look for those presentations that need to be done quickly but convey your ideas in a powerful way, then this Keynote template is one click away. Ready to be used this template is easy to manage and straight to the point but fully customizable to fit all your needs.


TheElegant Keynote Template


10.- Fusion Keynote Template

With an updated version of this Keynote template any Mac user can have fun presenting their ideas. This minimal desiged template is ready for anything and is sure to leave your audience impressed with your work.


Fusion KeyNote Template


11.- Seven – KeyNote Template

Seven is a unique keynote template that has an IOS 7 style great for App presentations. With 150 slides, 5 color schemes, and colorful versions this keynote template is suited for all App presentations.

Seven - KeyNote Template


12.- Pro Multipurpose Keynote Presentation Template

This creative, clean, simple, unique, scalable Keynote template serves as multi purpose presentation. It’s easy to use settings and fast and friendly support are all here to serve you and make your life easier to manage.

Pro Multipurpose Keynote Presentation Template


13.- Platinum Business Keynote Template

Are you tired of creating attention worthy presentations that just take to long to make, well this keynote presentation is a simple and clean template ready tou se by you. Taking away the stress of coming up with a concept for your next presentation and simple to use this can be right thing for you.

Platinum Business Keynote Template


14.- Social Media PRO – Keynote Template

All presentations can be stressing and creating a powerful focused presentations is an added stress. Social meadia PRO is here to take the stress away, this persuasive keynote template has a clean look to have your ideas stand clearly and excite your audience.

Social Media PRO - Keynote Template


15.- School Board – Keynote Template

With an impressive school board design, this keynote temple is great for displaying all your educational ideas. Its unique school board design is just like a having a chalkboard in your next presentation, with its fun font, unique slides, and icons you can customize this template to display your ideas in a professional way.

School Board - Keynote Template


16.- The Agency – Modern Keynote Template

The Agency is a modern keynote presentation that offers you an easy to use the template that will display your ideas clearly. This template can be used by any business company to make a noteworthy presentation that will have your investors impressed and ready to invest.

The Agency - Modern Keynote Template


17.- Health KeyNote Presentation Template

No one needs the added stress of creating a presentation that displays your ideas in a clear and  meaningful way. Here for all those future doctors, Health keynote presentation template is here to save you time. Without the added stress of creating a presentation this keynote template is easy to  use and offers, unique slides and colors.

Health KeyNote Presentation TemplateDOWNLOAD

18.- Vintage Photo Album Keynote Template

Need a template that displays your pictures, well this Vintage photo album keynote template is only one click away. Its unique selection of slide layout, photo boarders, and background textures are all easy to use and ready for your photos to be presented.


Vintage Photo Album Keynote Template


19.- Modern World Presentation Template for Keynote

Everything you need to stand apart from the crowd and create impressive presentations is available here in this keynote template. A modern and unique presentation ready to use at any time and available to you always with one click is all you will need.

Modern World Presentation Template for Keynote


20.- Stampede – Multipurpose Keynote Template

Stampede is jam packed with all you need to create meaningful, clean, and impressive Keynote presentations. With thousands of slides and icons, Graphs, maps, infographics, and colors this easy to use template is all you will need for all your business presentations.

Stampede - Multipurpose Keynote Template


21.- Creatica – Modern Keynote Template

Not everyone has gotten into the trend of the keynote templates. With presentations becoming more and more advanced and complex and not everyone being talented as creative designers this keynote template is here to help. With a simple and modern look, this keynote template is sure to have your ideas presented in a clear and meaningful way.


Creatica - Modern Keynote Template


22.- Royal’s Keynote Template Presentation

Royal’s keynote template is a clean and simple minimal presentation ready to present all things business Royal’s template offers creative slides, free fonts, light and dark versions of its signature red look and is simple to use. With deadlines approaching soon all you will is here just one click away.

Royal's Keynote Template


23.- Comunica – Modern Keynote Template

Are you looking for slides that will have your ideas heard? well this Portfolio template is here for you. With its modern and creative slides that you will be sure to love this keynote template will have your ideas presented in the best possible and you wont have to stress about anything else.


24.- UX Design Presentation Template

All presentations can be stressing enough and most of them boring, but this keynote template is here for you to take a breath of fresh air. With its 2100 unique slides, 200 icons, and 12 themes you’re sure to find the right look for your next presentation.

UX Design Presentation Template


25.- Kupat – Big Deal Keynote Template

This ready to use and fully editable keynote template is designed by the elements of the most used presentations. Offering you 2900+ slides, unlimited colors, charts and infographics you can get started today making those eye catching presentaions.

Kupat - Big Deal Keynote TemplateDOWNLOAD

26.- Motion — Creative Multipurpose Keynote Template

This keynote template is a uniquely designed multipurpose creative presentation that’s available to be used on any MacBook. This keynote template offers magical transitions, optional designs, and animations. Anywhere from company timelines to portfolios, this template will leave your audience wanting more.


27.- Exalio – Keynote Template

Designed with style this keynote template is easy to use and ready for any business presentation. The 12 premade color themes, 135 unique slides, and world map vector make this template completely customizable and ready for your business ideas.

Exalio - Keynote Template


28.- Swift Minimal Keynote Template Builder

Swift is a minimally styled keynote template, designed to make your business ideas shine. With this easy to use Keynote template, you can tell your story and plans with a clean style that focuses on your ideas and plans.

Swift Minimal Keynote Template Builder


29.- Goal | Keynote Presentation

First of all, whether it’s for displaying your business plan or for an important presentation this Keynote template is here to help. With a minimal design and lots of space for displaying those important topics, this template can do it all. Keeping a focused presentation can be difficult but with Goal, it doesn’t have to be.

Goal | Keynote Presentation


30.- Pro-Max Multipurpose Keynote Template Bundle

Making a Keynote presentation can be difficult while downloading one can be easy and beneficiary. With an easy to use template there wont be a reason to worry about it not looking greatand getting your point across. Since Pro-Max is a multipurpose template its easy to make the choise and use it for your next business or personal presentation.


Pro-Max Multipurpose Keynote Template BundleDOWNLOAD

31.- Company Profile Keynote Template

Building a professional and beautiful presentation doesn’t have to be hard when you have this keynote presentation. Company profile presentation is a professional, clean and creative template which has, a variation of color schemes, infographic shapes & elements, charts, country maps and more. Easy to use and edit this keynote template is all you need.

Company Profile Keynote Template


32.- Liberty Keynote Presentation

For someone whos independent and original this Keynote presentation is here for you. Liberty presentation displays your bold and daring projects, spotlight the creativity, and originality of your ideas with this impresive and bold template.

Liberty Keynote Presentation


33.- True Business Keynote Presentation Template

Saving you days of hard work and stress this keynote template is here to attract and impress your audience.  Take your company to the next level and impress those investors with a clean, simple and focused presentation.

True Business Keynote Presentation Template


34.- Spick and Span — Fashionable Keynote Template

This keynote presentation is a fashionable and stylish template great for all shared or live presentations. Slides include, portfolio, magazine and product layouts perfects for clothing startup companies, blogposts, fashion projects and fashion companies.


35.- Triangle Minimal Keynote Template

A minimal aesthtic look can be hard to achive due to the ease of over crowding, bad color choice and cohisiveness. Triangle has put together minimal styled layouts great business presentations. Packed with graphs, charts, tables and diagrams you can display your information with ease.

Triangle Minimal Keynote Template


36.- SOCRAN – Clean & Modern Keynote Template

From everyday sales, to team building and portfolios this keynote template has it all. Its modern and clean layouts will display your informotion with an overall cohisive look that will have your audience ingaged with your presentation.

SOCRAN - Clean & Modern Keynote Template


37.- Cores – Keynote Presentation Template

Do you have a deadline coming soon for that presentation that youve been putting off? Well made for corporate or creative agencies this template can bring your presentations to the next level. Due to its ease to use, color options and animations you can do it all.

Cores - Keynote Presentation TemplateDOWNLOAD

38.- Minesera Business Keynote Presentation

Do you need to make a keynote presentation but your creative skills aren’t the best? Well, this template and its very impressive designs and animations can make anyone of your presentation stand out. Easy to use and customizable you’ll have a presentation in no time.

Minesera Business Keynote Presentation


39.- Multipurpose Keynote Presentation (Vol. 03)

Simplicity is key when presenting an important business idea therfore you need a simple template. Multipurpose keynote presentation has all things you need to make that happen. With 60 unique master slides, 3 color schemes and easy to rezise vectors youll have fun creating the perfect presentation.

Multipurpose Keynote Presentation (Vol. 03)DOWNLOAD

40.- Majestic Multipurpose Keynote Presentation Template

Not everyone has the time to make an eye-catching presentation but this does not have to be you. Since this keynote template is here for you to use, your next presentation doesn’t have to be boring. Majestic is a multipurpose easy to use template that will take your presentations and you to big places.

Majestic Multipurpose Keynote Presentation Template


41.- Revolution – Creative Keynote Template

Rather than taking the time to come up with a design and theme you can use this keynote template. While others are busy creating their presentations youll be at home relaxing. This simple to use template offers 105+ unique slides and a profesional color in light and dark.

Revolution - Creative Keynote Template


42.- Royal 3in1 Keynote Bundle

With this bundle, you’ll be sure to find the perfect template for that upcoming presentation. Simple and clean looks all great for business presentations just one click away. Unique slides, free fonts and customer services all available to you to make your presentation happen.

Royal 3in1 Keynote Bundle


43.- MaxPro-Business Plan Keynote Presentation Template

Business plans can be boring to follow and without cohesive and powerful presentation it’s easy to loose everyone’s focus. MaxPro is here to help and with everything you need, a simple download will get you started creating cohesive and focused presentations.

MaxPro-Business Plan Keynote Presentation Template


44.- Oxygen Keynote Template

Take out the stress in your next presentation with a ready to use Keynote template. Oxygen is an easy to use and fully customizable template that anyone can use. Premade colors, free fonts, and 60+ slides make this template a great one for beginners.

Oxygen Keynote Template


45.- Armstrong – Outer Space Keynote Template

If your looking for a multipurpose keynote template then Armstrong is here for you. Anything business can be presenated on this template because of its easy to edit informartion youll be sure to find a layout to dispaly your information.

Armstrong - Outer Space Keynote Template


46.- Komplet Keynote Template – All You Need is Here

With deadlines getting closer and your presentation not being ready you could use a keynote template. Designed for Apple user this template makes it easy for you to insert your ideas and information in a creative and stylish presentation. Komplet is easy to use and fully customizable to fit your needs.

Komplet Keynote - All You Need is Here


47.- Chomolungma — Ultimate Keynote Presentation Kit

Not all presentations have to be boring and with the help of Chomolungma your next presentation be exciting. This business keynote template offers unique slide, icons, vector maps, and a sound track to make your next presenation a little more exciting.


48.- Illustra Keynote Template

Are you stressed out about coming up with a presentation well you dont have to be. This keynote presentation is for MacBook user that’s easy to use and simple. Illustar offers 24 unique slides and a simple look that can be used for any presentation.

Illustra Keynote Template


49.- Metro Keynote – Revolution Presentation

Anything you need to introduce your company at your next presentation is here in this template. Metro is a template for Apple users that need a great looking presentation fast and easy. Everything you need for portfolios to maps here available to you.

Metro Keynote - Revolution Presentation


50.- Arcama – Keynote Presentation Template

Arcama is a simple and clean keynote presentation, therefor great for all your business presentations. Anything from social meadia marketing to business projects can be displayed on this presenatation.

Arcama - Keynote Presentation Template


51.- IJE – Premium Keynote Template

The first slide is what makes or breaks your next presentation and because of this, you need a great looking presentation. With this easy to use template, you’ll be sure to amaze your business partners and get your ideas to stand out.

IJE - Premium Keynote Template



These are only some of the few Keynote presentations that are out there, but I hope you have found at least one that will help you out in the future. I can’t make you look through every presentation and therefore I have done the best that I can to describe each one to you. Every single template on this list is different just like your needs so take your time and gravitate towards those eye-catching presentation. Keynote templates definately make your life easier and make your presentations outstanding.



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